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SSPA 2016

Data inizio: 21 Settembre 2016 - Data fine: 23 Settembre 2016

Ti consigliamo la presentazione del ns. specialista Andrea Pigozzo:

"Label free analytical technologies for streamlined biological drug design" - Giovedì 22 Settembre 2016 ore 15:30

Abstract: Protein therapeutics are inherently challenging to characterize because of their complexity and natural heterogeneity with very specific analytical necessities. There is therefore a requirement for comprehensive orthogonal testing to ensure meaningful and reliable characterization and provide as much data as possible in order to satisfy regulatory requirements concerning the product's identity, purity, concentration, impurity profile and potency.

Label-free analytical technologies enable the comprehensive characterization of biomolecular interactions and complex stability. The information-rich data of innovative analytical label-free approaches are of great interest empowering key insights into biological processes, stability and molecular binding mechanisms.

Technologies such ITC and DSC microcalorimetry, Surface Plasmon Resonance, the innovative microcapillary Taylor dispersion UV-area imaging and hyphenated DLS-Raman meet the needs of fields as diverse as biological research, biotherapeutic and small molecule drug development research, immunogenicity studies and vaccine development, and QC. Several of these technologies related to affinity, stability, particle size, viscosity and structural integrity will be presented.